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Horse Insurance is very different to that of other animals. You may require more than just a policy covering the health of your animal, you may need rider insurance, trailer insurance, horse box insurance or third party insurance as well.

Here at Horse Insurance Compare we have tried to find insurance policies that cover as many eventualities as we can. As with all insurances that we feature, we would remind you that you need to find the cover you want rather than simply look at the cost.

If you want more information on what to look for when comparing policies please read our Important Stuff page. You should also know that we never feature insurers that we are not 100% confident in.

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We only feature three Equine Insurers at Horse Insurance Compare at present. These are Petplan, Animal Friends and InsureMyHorse. You can get full details of the insurances offered by each company by clicking on the links below. Alternatively, you can go straight to their websites by clicking on the adverts on either side of or above this message.

If you are unsure about horse insurance you may want to read our Important Stuff page, which may give you some idea of what to consider. Horse insurance comparison isn’t the easiest thing because policies tend to be very different in scope and coverage. But you may want to consider:

Is the cover for a horse, a pony or even a donkey?

Cover for vet’s bills

Personal accident for anyone handling or ridng your horse

Dental treatment for rider/handler

Cover for your riding equipment

Cover for the death of your horse

The age of your horse and appropriate cover

Third party liability

Education cover for injury to a child

Trailer, horsebox or horse drawn vehicle cover

Loss by Theft or Straying

Permanent loss of use

Cost of disposal after death

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